Laura Murray

Rhythms of Life
for Leaders.

Leaders need life. That life begins with an inner stability that allows them to stay calm, continue in courage, and lead with joy. Develop a consistent and adaptive rhythm and you are on your way.

Ministry is Great…
But you lost yourself.

You’re committed to do good—for the sake of others and for God.
Why is your heart heavy, your energy depleted, and your passion extinguished?
You wonder where the joy you once had has gone, your family wonders where your laughter went, and your friends … well, there aren't many of them left.

The Truth Is…
There is always more to do. Celebrity ministry is an unfortunate reality. You feel constant pressure to perform and make a bigger impact.
You do not recognize yourself. Doing more keeps leading to less satisfaction. You are emotionally absent and your family knows it.
Leadership is lonely. You end up hiding weakness and spiritual depletion in 'service to others.' Who can you safely talk to?
Increase Your Margin and Joy
Be Honest
Talk candidly about where you are and where you want to go. I'm listening.
Develop a Plan
Adopt healthier rhythms so you flourish given your unique wiring and setting. Let's do this together.
Enjoy life with Jesus again
Lead from a position of wholeness, health, and sustainable pace. Continue to flourish and serve.

I'm Laura Murray

Spiritual Director + Coach for Individuals, Churches, & Organizations
I'm a mom of two, wife, and juggler of a number of ministry hats. I've been on the pastoral staff of a large church, authored a book, all while pursuing a doctorate degree. Because what else is there to do with all that free time? (Hah!)

I know firsthand the tyranny of the urgent on all fronts. I've given in. And it's brought me to the brink of giving up.

Finally, I pulled back. Through trial and error, I developed spiritual practices, drew new boundaries, and found life and ministry enjoyable again.

Along the way, I noticed my ministry co-workers suffocating too.
Soon my discoveries and healthy rhythms turned into a gift I shared with those around me! Together, we began to see significant change.

Now I'm a spiritual director and coach, author and speaker, helping individuals, churches, and organizations go from famished to flourishing.

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