Laura Murray
Digital Silent Retreats
Meet with God. Meet with others.
Experience rest, connection, and transformation.
Monthly Digital Silent Retreats
The world is noisy and our inner worlds become so cluttered. How can we get quiet, to allow what is needed to rise up, to hear God's voice, and to hear what is deep within our souls?
The Digital Silent Retreats make space for you to connect with God and yourself in the context of community. The first 30 minutes are with one another on Zoom, followed by a 90-minute silent retreat with a provided content guide, then with the group again for an hour, to hear and share what the retreat was like and how God met each person. These retreats are for younger and older, experienced and inexperienced, curious and even nervous! We would love to have you join!
Digital Silent Retreats for your Teams and Groups
Your team is tired. Your small group needs some solitude and silence. How can you create these spaces for them?

We would love to explore a Digital Silent Retreat for your team or group. Let us prepare, host, and facilitate the conversation and space. We'd love to provide this!
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Digital Silent Retreats are made possible because of our generous donors.
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