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Monthly Digital Silent Retreats
With COVID-19 distancing and the clutter in our outer and inner worlds, take a silent retreat with others and re-connect with God and your soul. The first 30 minutes are with one another on Zoom, followed by 1.5 hour silent retreat with content guide provided. Then the group comes together again for another hour to hear what the retreat was like and how God seems to be at work. These retreats are for young and older, experienced and inexperienced, curious and even a bit nervous! I would love to have you join!

"I deeply appreciated my experience with the digital silent retreat. It was just what I needed. Having the encouragement, structure, and support allowed me to slow down and connect with God and myself." - Sarah Claire S, LPC and Church Planter
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Digital Silent Retreats for your Teams and Groups
Your team is tired. Your small group needs some solitude and silence. How can you create these spaces for them?
We would love to explore a Digital Silent Retreat for your team or group. Let us prepare, host, and facilitate the conversation and space. We'd love to provide this!
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People are more connected today than at any other time in history, yet there is increasing loneliness and isolation. How can we create spaces for meaningful connection with God and with others in our Digital Age?
Your gift supports Laura and her team as she continues to create spaces for meaningful connection in our Digital Age through content development, retreat hosting, leader training, and caring for those who show up in the digital spaces provided.
All gifts are tax-deductible.
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Lent Devotion Guide
A devotion guide for the season of Lent.
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