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Content Guides for Purchase
Retreat Guides and Lent Guides are available for purchase!

Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to write and design content that guides people toward a richer relationship with God.

It has been and continues to be a great joy to provide these hospitable spaces through writing. These spaces are ways that people can connect with God, themselves, and their world.

Click on the link below to go to my Soul Care Content page for purchase of Retreat Guides and Lent Guides.
If you are interested in bulk purchase please email me and let me know!

Pray as You Are Book
We don't always know how to communicate with God and wonder if we can actually tell God everything.
Pray As You Are invites you into the freedom being honest with God in prayer.

In each chapter you will find:
-An Opening Prayer
- A Brief Introduction to the topic and story
- Seven Days of devotional and spiritual practices of prayer.

This book is a great length for a small group study as well as individuals.

"My daughter showed me this book and, based on a quick scan, I bought copies for myself and 5 friends. I have not been disappointed. I like the prayers and insights about prayer, but the best part of Pray As You Are is the questions. They are deep enough to engage and challenge me but accessible enough to lead me and not leave me wondering what the author is saying. Rarely have I been as satisfied with a workbook in this way." - Amazon Reviewer
Digital Silent Retreats
Where do you go to get away from the noise of life and connect with God? How do you find the time and structure for that time?
We'd love for you to join and find this space on a Digital Silent Retreat.

What is a Digital Silent Retreat?
A Digital Silent Retreat is a space created for you to connect with God and connect with others. The first 30 minutes are with one another on Zoom, followed by 1.5 hour silent retreat with content guide provided. Then the group comes together again for another hour to hear what the retreat was like and how God seems to be at work. These retreats are for young and older, experienced and inexperienced, curious and even a bit nervous!

We'd love for you to join and try it out!
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