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Spiritual Director • Coach • Speaker • Author
I'm Laura Murray.
I Need Rhythms Too.
Let me help you create them.

I love helping ministry leaders align their inner life for greater joy, fruit, and adventure. Why? Because God cares deeply about you, not just what you produce.

The struggle to know God's love rather than work for God's love is deep within us. Believe me, I've been through the ministry ringer like many of you. God has graciously brought me through times of wilderness. Times where I wasn't sure I could attend another meeting, lead another study, or last another Sunday. He used those times to re-align my rhythms and refresh my soul. I love being a part of that for others.

So if you find your inner flame flickering, your joy waning, or your schedule suffocating, let me help.

My Journey: From Pastor to Spiritual Director & Coach

I love coaching ministry leaders towards life-giving rhythms and renewal.
Not long ago, I was a pastor on a large church staff trying to stay on the balance beam of ministry, motherhood, and what felt like a million other roles. I authored my first book, started pursuing my doctorate, and tried to be a loving wife in the cracks of time.

Not surprising, my soul began to dry up. At every turn, I was involved in fruitful ministry, but my roots were struggling to find water. The work of sustaining life, joy, and energy became vital. I needed help!

I turned to trustworthy mentors and received life-saving input and coaching. They helped me reorganize my daily and weekly rhythms, my definition of ministry, and how I measured success.

Through these people and spaces I experimented with various spiritual practices and rhythms. Yes, there's a lot in ministry I couldn't control. But these practices were things I could control. With their honest assessment of my life and practical help, I was able to establish life-giving rhythms and renewal!

Soon, other pastors and ministry leaders were asking me about the noticeable change. I found joy and encouragement in helping those around me discover the same life-giving rhythms.

As this role grew, someone asked my what I really enjoy doing. I blurted out…
I love helping ministry leaders create life-giving spiritual rhythms and watching them soar.

Coaching Ministry Leaders towards Healthy Rhythms

A Safe Place to Start the Conversation
Listening to leaders and launching them is a passion of mine. When I say listen, I mean listen to their heart and soul. Where can a leader safely do that? With who?

Ministry leaders are shy to admit their need for help in their spiritual life. I am here to listen and to help. I provide a safe and courageous space.

Let's start the conversation.

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