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Coaching for Change

You want a sustainable spiritual life that changes your lifestyle and isn't like a fad diet. You cannot do this alone.

Ministry leaders face unique challenges as they lead, the love, and they serve others. If unsupported, these unique challenges drain the best of us. Resources to support and sustain you abound. Let's talk about those.
    Why Ministry Leaders Are Running Dry
    In my years of work in leadership and Christian ministry, I have been around various types of leaders for a long time. As quickly as the world is changing, so are the demands of ministry leaders. They are wearing out, and fast. Yet they want to last for the long haul. Resilience is what is needed but they are not sure how to get it.

    Here are some struggles I hear from ministry leaders every day:
    • I am called to a life of sacrifice, yet I am exhausted…but that’s what Christian leaders are called to do, right?
    • How do I listen for God in my life?
    • How do I care for my ministry team or church staff?
    • So many people need things from me and I can never satisfy them all.
    • How do I know when it is time to quit (because I sure feel like it sometimes)?
    • How can I care for my family in the midst of all the anxiety that comes with full-time ministry?
    • I have lost a sense of self and my joy for ministry. What do I do next?
    • I cannot quit because my family is depending on me. What do I do?
    3 Undeniable Reasons We Should Talk Today
    As connected as we are today, we are so very lonely. There are not a lot of spaces where we are truly seen and heard. You need someone who will see and hear you. You need someone who helps you see and hear God in your life. Let's connect.

    Without help, here's what you'll face…
      1. This Problem Isn’t Going Away
      You cannot do this alone and your weariness will not simply go away. You need encouragement, strengthening, and someone to walk with you.
        2. What Worked in the Past Does Not Work Anymore
        Leaders like you know the importance of adapting. The real challenge for you is personal adaptation. Has your spiritual life adapted to the changes in your context and world or are you still trying to do what worked 10 years ago? Your life has changed. This could be anything from adding family members, moving cities, aging, loss, etc. You spiritual rhythms need to adapt in order to stay strong and to joyfully lead.
          3. Unless You Adapt, Things Will Only Get Worse
          The promise of God is a flourishing spiritual life. Easy, no. With challenges, yes. Even with this promise, we do not have to do any work towards our flourishing. There is work involved. You need to commit to adapting and experimenting with spiritual practices to see what strengthens you towards flourishing.

          Healthy Leaders lead to Healthy Teams!
            See How I've Helped Leaders Like You
            During a time of listening and prayer for strategic direction at our elder retreat, I recall the steady confidence with which Laura guided us from an inward personal focus to an outward posture. Laura demonstrated capacity to gently encourage us to surrender one's personal agenda to the Lord's greater vision for his body.
            Charles C., Presbyterian Elder
            Laura's spiritual direction has helped me to recognize thoughts and tendencies that limit my connection with God, and to engage with Him more deeply as the Spirit leads. I've experienced a deeper sense of myself and of God's love and desire for me through my time with her.
            Mary O., International Worker / Missionary
            Let Me Help You Enjoy Renewal
            As a coach and spiritual direction, I help you adapt your spiritual rhythms in order to flourish in leading and discern when facing challenges. Together we'll discover what kind of practices work within your realities of life, ministry, leadership, and family. I'm here to listen, help you listen to God, encourage you, hold you accountable, and help you flourish.
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